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Where have I been?

2012-12-09 15:51:39 by Frost-Candy

Well guys I know I promised to make some low-avg quality art, but my schedule has been clogged so much. Everyday for the past month has been test after test, and I gotta' make sure my grades don't fall, haha.

Anyways, I'm sorry that I haven't done anything to compensate for my absence, I promise to make something good soon though, and by soon I mean around mid January(Possibly late December).

I have forgotten to properly introduce myself;
My name is Frost(obviously a nickname, but I stick to it in real life).
I go to highschool, it's my last year so I've been pretty busy being good at school.
I'm inspired by Sigurd, what an amazing artist.
I'm not that good at art but I try to make things as best as they can be.
I like playing video games from time to time, I haven't turned on my Xbox in a while, though.

So that's pretty much all there is to know about me, love you guys <3

Check it out, it's right in my art section on NG

trollly hot

2011-12-08 20:27:16 by Frost-Candy


*sigh* another try (18+)

2011-12-08 17:24:26 by Frost-Candy

Mhm I'm trying to improve


*sigh* another try (18+)

My try at art (18+ sorta)

2011-12-08 06:38:04 by Frost-Candy

OK, here's my try at hentai art :3 tell me on how I can improve it :)

Stuff I'm trying to do:-
1-Working on facial expressions
2-More feminine body structure
3-bigger breasts

My try at art (18+ sorta)


2011-12-08 04:37:21 by Frost-Candy

OK, time to confess some things, I have 2 accounts, I will not show you the other account unless I upload something, and that account will be for everything except hentai. now this account will be devoted solely for hentai, ORIGINAL hentai, created by me, as for a part 2 for the first gallery, there wont be one, but the pictures that were meant to go to that gallery will be added as extras in the new project I'm working on, which is completely by me

Hi :3 (18+)

2011-12-07 20:03:55 by Frost-Candy

Here's the catch of the day :3
Art by Sergio~

Hi :3 (18+)